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Step 1: Establish Eligibility for Hazlewood or GI Bill® Benefits

  • You can establish eligibility for the GI Bill® by applying for benefits through the VA via their online application system at

    • Please note that the application process can take up to 8 weeks and you will need the resulting Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) before we can process your benefits here at Texas State University.
    • You can find more information in the Benefits section of our website, as well as on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.
  • Hazlewood eligibility can be determine by referring to the Initial Hazlewood Eligibility Requirements.
  • For Active Duty and Guard/Reserve veterans wishing to use Tuition Assistance, speak with your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor at your base first to begin that process.
    • NOTE: If you are a prospective student, you MUST receive approval from your ESO, military counselor or Service prior to enrollment to use Tuition Assistance.

Step 2: Get Accepted into Texas State University


Step 3: Sign Up for New Student Orientation (NSO) & Enroll in Classes

  • You can submit your documentation before NSO.
  • We cannot process your benefits until you are enrolled in classes, which cannot be done until you have attended NSO.
  • Try to get the earliest orientation available. There will be several dates to choose from, but they fill up quickly. Sign up here.
  • On your orientation day you will attend various presentations pertaining to college and campus life, including a presentation on VA benefits. At the end of the day you will meet with the academic advisors from the college of your major and they will assist you in choosing courses and enrolling.


Step 4: Review the Required Documentation

  • Find a complete list of required documentation here.
  • Gather the necessary documents required to get your benefits started here at Texas State University.
  • Our office is completely paperless, so be advised that all documentation will need to be accessible from a computer or mobile device. We have scanners available in the office if you require assistance with this matter.


Step 5: Submit an Online Certification Request

  • Gather all supporting documentation and complete an online Certification Request.
  • You will be able to upload all your documentation directly into our secure document management system at the end of your certification request.
  • A certification request is required every semester for benefits processing.
  • Students must submit their certification requests by the submission deadlines to guarantee processing before tuition is due.
    • Requests for certification are available when registration opens for a semester.
    • Requests for certification can happen before you attend NSO.


Step 6: Monitor Your Bill


Step 7: Chapter 30 and 1606 recipients ONLY

  • After your classes have been certified, you must verify your enrollment with the VA at the end of each month so that you will receive your payment.
  • Be sure that you have verified exact start and end dates for any classes in which you are enrolled that are shorter or extend beyond the regular semester.
  • You can verify enrollment via Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or 1-877-823-2378. If you notice either class dates or credit amounts are incorrect while verifying, please contact our office.